Romance, by Blexbolex

Printed in 2013 by Toppan, in China and published by Albin Michel.

My friend Emilie showed me this beautiful book. Blexbolex used four colors only (3 Pantone + 1 black color for the cover) to create the color scheme of this project.

The author, a subject matter expert, worked on the rasters of his illustrations, created by some superposition effects. As a result : purity, density and extraordinary richness of the colors in the printed result.


The chosen paper flatters the colors and gives some more textures to the rasters : the same offset 100gsm , very pleasant to touch, is used for the end papers and the inside pages.



The cover is printed on a non laminated laid paper which passes the lamination test on the 3 millimetre cardboard without breaking.


The inside paper has a nice bulk. You therefore hold a nice volume (284 pages) but with a pretty original size.

I’ve enjoyed a lot the originality of the narrative.
A bit disturbing when opening the book, you very quickly get into the pace of that Romance which embezzle the codes of the classic tales with great intelligence.

Not to be missed !


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