Blake & Mortimer 22nd volume – limited edition

Printed in 2015 by Senteurs Cartons in Marcinelle (Belgium).

This limited edition of the 22nd volume of Blake & Mortimer is an invitation to visit the artists’ workshop.
Printed on the splendid Munken Pure 150 gsm, this large-format album (289x368mm) projects the original strips of Antoine Aubin in their original size. The cream-coloured and the smoothness of the paper makes the book reading experience exceptional…

The album opening scene. Click on it to enjoy all the details...
The album opening scene. Click on it to enjoy all the details…
Unknown subject
For me, this strip is a wink to all the Blake & Mortimer lovers to whom I belong !

You almost have the feeling of holding the drawings in your hands… There are a lot of priceless annotations which enable us to realize the scope of the work and the high level of excellence from its author.

A few more beautiful sketches…

Unknown subject



The splendid cover is screen-printed with 1 PMS only, on the Wibalin paper.


549 copies only were produced and signed, on the title page, by the three authors.

This limited edition is a magnificent tribute to E. P. Jacobs and his mythic collection on the most beautiful way.

To be held at least one time between hands !

As a bonus, the pencilled drawing versus the final printed result… Still on the first page of the album.





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