Paris by night

Today, I will talk to you about a marvel : Paris by night, published by Milan.


Far from all overbids about the giant pop-up books, this small italian format (145x205mm) has it all : Claire Le Meil’s magnificent illustrations, the ingenuity of the agency UP UP UP ! and Milan perfectly match.

The four scenes, soft-colored, abound with details. The drawings are very poetic, delicate and funny too, with a lot of winks for the parents.



IMGP5269It’s also a manufacture masterpiece, with special mentions for the two LED that have been put in the cover. How to turn them on ? By pressing the street-lamp in the endpapers of course ! Magic happens under a beautiful starry sky: it’s party time place du Tertre, big rush on the Champs-Elysées, you wander at Notre-Dame and you dream while enjoying the fireworks at the Eiffel tower…



At home, this book became a must-read for the kids at night. I even had to take it on holiday…



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